From our Social Committee

  • Ladies Night Party February 7th!

    Ladies in Fishing Creek Farm, grab your favorite beverage and an appetizer if you desire and head over to the FCF clubhouse from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m., February 7th. for an evening of casual fun to meet new ladies in the neighborhood and to catch up with existing ones. No reservations are needed. If […] Read more

  • The Big Chill-I Adult Party March 9th

    Join us for “The Big Chill-i” adult party Saturday, March 9, 7:00pm – 10:00pm at the clubhouse! Beat the winter blues by enjoying a delicious, hot, bowl of chili with your neighbors. We’d like 5 volunteers to make a pot of chili to share. Anyone willing to make the chili of your choice, white chili, […] Read more

From our Board of Directors

  • 2019 FCF Annual Meeting

    The Board has scheduled the association’s Annual Meeting, Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 7pm at the clubhouse.  The meeting will include a social hour to catch up with neighbors and meet the new community members. The following items will be included on the meeting agenda (items are listed in no particular order): Welcome new neighbors […] Read more

  • 2019 Budget Meeting Recap

    There was an open budget meeting next Tuesday, December 18th.  Here is a complete recap of the meeting. Agenda Click on the thumbnail below to view the budget meeting agenda: New association management and banking systems As part of this meeting, information was shared about our new association management platform (AMS), and our new banking […] Read more

BOD Meeting Minutes

The approved November and December BOD meeting minutes are online. Click here to view any of the approved minutes from 2018.

Please log in and click on this link to view those minutes, as well as all prior minutes.


Community Improvement Projects

Gazebo Benches

The Gazebos are finished, and are waiting for the benches that will be in them to arrive. As soon as they are they will be installed inside the Gazebos.

Acoustic Tiles for Clubhouse Coming

The Board has approved the purchase and installation of acoustic tiles for the clubhouse.  As many of us have experienced, the sound level during group events often is such that it is difficult to hear conversations clearly due to the present hard surfaces that echo.  Since our clubhouse is used both for FCF events and private parties, the Board feels the installation of these panels will improve what already is a wonderful community asset.

Holiday Tree Planting

A fir tree is being planted where the holiday tree normally is located. This renewable resource will grow with our community, and be there to remind us of the holiday spirit throughout the year!

From Wallace Management

  • Community Security

    Over the past weekend, there were a rash of thefts from automobiles and burglary attempts throughout the Riva RD, Forest DR and the Arundel on the Bay corridors.  It appears the incidents occurred during the hours of 3 AM til 4:30 AM.  Three (3) unknown subjects were captured on camera in the Fishing Creek Farm […] Read more

  • Lost Kayak and Brown Canoe at Kayak Rack

    A blue kayak was pulled from the water by the marina and set next to the kayak racks adjacent to the boat ramp.  If you are missing a kayak, please pick it up from the ground by the stands. Additionally, there is a brown row boat sitting on the ground and a tarp sitting on […] Read more

  • Pet Waste Station

      By now you have noticed the two dog stations that have been installed, providing a convenient way to dispose of your doggie poop when you’re out on your walk. There is one next to the the clubhouse and one near the corner of Hidden River View Road and Beachview.  There are bags at each […] Read more

  • Kayak/Paddle Board Rack and Trailer Stickers

    The Association implemented a kayak/paddle board rack and trailer identification program, requiring those with boat trailers using the boat ramp and those storing items on the racks adjacent to the boat ramp to complete and submit an application for Fishing Creek Farm identifying stickers. The Stickers are free of charge and are for kayaks/paddleboards using […] Read more

To contact Wallace Management or to get more information about our HOA management company, click here.

From CapEx

The CapEx committee is gearing up for 2019, and is looking for volunteers to assist its efforts. If you are interested in participating with this vital committee, please contact Julien Hecht by clicking here. The community will benefit from your willingness to participate.

Marina Committee News

  • Slips May Be Available for 2019

    The timeframe for going active on the waiting list for a slip (letting the chair of the Marina Committee know that you want a slip) is coming to an end shortly. There are slips available for the 2019 boating season. Contact Larry Crippen (lcrippen@verizon.net) if you would like to be considered for this. Read more

  • Boat House Update

    The personnel at the A.A.Co. Planning and Zoning (P&Z) offices have been very helpful and cooperative in the effort to reconfigure the boat house. Although it is slowly moving through the required process, the P&Z offices have been trying to properly interpret the new laws to allow this progress. It is understandable that they do […] Read more

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